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Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide

Are you worried about your kid? which Series is suitable for your kid? Just read the full article to know more details about Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide. it will help you understand the Series Record of Ragnarok age rating. The article includes. What was the age rating of the Series When will it be released and what’s the actual meaning of the Record of Ragnarok rating?



Record of Ragnarok (終末のワルキューレShūmatsu no Warukyūre, lit. “Doomsday Valkyrie”) is a Japanese manga series written by Shinya Umemura and Takumi Fukui.

Production Company: Graphinica. Distributed by Netflix

The Series, Record of Ragnarok first season premiered on June 17, 2021, however, the second season is premiere on January 26, 2023, on Netflix.

Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2021
Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2021

Synopsis of the Series Record of Ragnarok

The Divine beings’ Committee collects once consistently to determine the destiny of humankind, concluding that humanity’s 7 million years of hopeless history gives avocation for their elimination. However, the valkyrie Brunhilde proposes allowing mankind one final opportunity to demonstrate their value, and the divine beings consent to hold the competition of Ragnarok, where humankind will be saved in the event that they can best the divine beings in seven out of thirteen matches.
Humankind’s delegates are the Einherjar, prominent people across history who are each conceded a valkyrie who turns into a strong weapon customized for their client’s battle style called “Volund”, at the put of losing her life in danger in the event that the client is killed.

Record of Ragnarok Age Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this Series. The information below is a summary based on data gathered from government and industry-sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

The Series, Record of Ragnarok Age Rating is TV-14.

What’s the Meaning of the TV-14 Age Rating?

TV-14 Age Rating Meaning

Parents Strongly Cautioned This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

Official details of Record of Ragnarok

The series, Record of Ragnarok has 12 Episodes from 2 seasons.

Record of Ragnarok Age Rating: Is It Safe For Teens When it Comes To Sex, Nudity, and Romance?

  • Profanity use 
  • Sexual reference
  • There is some cleavage
  • Bloody content
  • Violence
  • Some emotional scenes
Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2021
Record of Ragnarok Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2021

How long is the Series Record of Ragnarok?

The Series, Record of Ragnarok runtime is 24 minutes

Is Record of Ragnarok suitable for children?

In the event that one is hoping to be aware and assume Record of Ragnarok is reasonable for youngsters, one ought to know about Record of Ragnarok age Rating. Taking that Record of Ragnarok Rating places the Series in a reasonable classification for youngsters, then kids can watch the substance, even if that isn’t true. Record of Ragnarok Rating places importance on a reasonable classification just for grown-ups, youngsters shouldn’t watch Record of Ragnarok. Subsequently, check Record of Ragnarok Rating before choosing if it is appropriate for kids.

Who is in the voice-cast of Record of Ragnarok?

  • Kellen Goff as Heimdall
  • Laura Post as Brunhilde
  • Chris Edgerly .as Zeus
  • Miyuki Sawashiro as Brunhilde
  • Anairis Quinones as Göll
  • Reba Buhr as Aphrodite
  • Tomoyo Kurosawa as Göll
  • Ben Pronsky as Muninn
  • Patt Souza as Brunhilda
  • Yukihiro Nozuyama as Heimdall
  • Michael Chapman as Huginn
  • Ben Diskin .as Shiva
  • James Mathis III as Narrator
  • Keone Young as Guan Yu
  • e Jun’ichi Suwabe as Hermes
  • Rie Tanaka … Aphrodite
  • Taisuke Nakano as Huginn
  • Tomohiro Yamaguchi as Muninn
  • Victoria Gabrielle Platt as Female Narrator
  • Wataru Takagi .as Zeus
  • Jonah Scott as Adam
  • Tatsuhisa Suzuki as Shiva
  • Stephen Fu as Chen Gong
  • Bill Butts as Additional Cast
  • Donald Li as Zhang Fei
  • Paul Castro Jr. .as Forseti
  • Artemis Snow as Additional Cast
  • Akihiro Tajima as Guan Yu
  • Bumper Robinson as Poseidon
  • Ryan Colt Levy as Loki
  • Aleks Le .as Lui Bei
  • Kayleigh McKeeas Additional Cast
  • Tim Friedlander as Ares
  • Hinata Tadokoro as Ares
  • Yoshitsugu Matsuoka as Loki
  • Xanthe Huynh as Iori Miyamoto
  • Jalen K. Cassell as Tho
  • Kaiji Tang as Lü Bu
  • Mela Lee as Hrist
  • Midorikawa as Thor
  • Daiki Hamano as Chen Gong
  • Kazuhiro Yamaji as Kojiro Sasaki
  • Kôji Ishii as Zhang Fei
  • Tomoyuki Maruyama as Michelangelo
  • Satoru Ito as Forseti
  • Patrick Seitz as. Additional Cast
  • Takahiro Sakurai as Poseidon
  • Griffin Burns as Young Kojiro Sasaki
  • Tomokazu Seki as Lü Bu
  • Sôma Saitô as Adam
  • Mark Atherlay as Nobutsuna Kamiizumi

These age ratings provide guidance to consumers, parents, in particular, to help them to decide Which Series is good or not for their kids. and Age ratings are systems used to ensure that entertainment content, such as films, tv shows, and Series, is clearly labeled with a minimum age recommendation based on the content they have.

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