Parents Guide of Single Drunk Female: Age Rating (Must Read)

Single Drunk Female Parents Guide

Are you worried about your kid? which Series is suitable for your kid? Just read the full article to know more details about Single Drunk Female Parents Guide. it will help you understand the Series Single Drunk Female age rating. The article includes the following. What was the age rating of the Series When will it be released and what’s the actual meaning of the Single Drunk Female rating?


Single Drunk Female is an American comedy television series, created by Simone Finch.

Producers are Christina Varotsis, Angi Bones, Chloe Keenan, Isaiah Lester, and Jessica Watson.

Production companies Jenni Konner Productions, Shoot to Midnight, 8th in State Productions, 20th Television. Distributed by Freeform.

The Series, Single Drunk Female Season 1 Premiered on  January 20, 2022 However season 2 is premired on April 12, 2023, on Freeform .

Single Drunk Female Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2022
Single Drunk Female Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2022

Synopsis of the Series Single Drunk Female

Season 1 

Single Alcoholic Female follows Sam’s life, beginning when she moves back home subsequent to being terminated from her composing position for having a public smash breakdown. Presently, Sam needs to explore recuperation gatherings, probation, a new position, dating life, accommodating those she’s violated, living with her mother, and doing all of this sober

Season 2

In season two, with 18 months of temperance added to her repertoire, Samantha Weasel, at last, feels like she has a daily existence worth celebrating. In any case, Sam rapidly discovers that occasionally life has different designs for her. Sam should sort out some way to impact change where she can, sit in her uneasiness when she can’t, and perhaps take it all in..

Single Drunk Female Age Rating & Content Info

Please Note: We have not viewed this Series. The information below summarizes data gathered from government and industry-sponsored film classification agencies in various global regions.

The Series,  Single Drunk Female Age Rating is TV-14.

What’s the Meaning of the TV-14 Age Rating?

TV-14 Age Rating Meaning

Parents Strongly Cautioned This program contains some material that many parents would find unsuitable for children under 14 years of age.

Official Details of Single Drunk Female

The series, Single Drunk Female has 20 Episodes in 2 seasons.

Single Drunk Female Age Rating: Is It Safe For Teens When it Comes To Sex, Nudity, and Romance?

  • Profanity use
  • Sexual reference 
  • No Nudity
  • M#turbation with a vibrator
  • No Violence
  • Alcohol drinking 
  • No Bloody content
  • Some emotional scenes 
Tagline of the Series 

Please adult responsibly.

Single Drunk Female Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2022
Single Drunk Female Parents Guide | Age Rating TV-Series 2022

How long is the Series Single Drunk Female?

The Series, Single Drunk Female runtime is 20–25 minutes.

Is Single Drunk Female Suitable for Children?

If one is hoping to be aware and assume Single Drunk Female is reasonable for youngsters, one ought to know about the Single Drunk Female age Rating. Taking that Single Drunk Female Rating places the Series in a reasonable classification for youngsters, then kids can watch the substance, even if that isn’t true. Single Drunk Female Rating places importance on a reasonable classification just for grown-ups, youngsters shouldn’t watch Single Drunk Female. Subsequently, check the Single Drunk Female Rating before choosing if it is appropriate for kids.

Who is in the cast of Single Drunk Female?

  • Sofia Black-D’Elia as Samantha Fink
  • Rebecca Henderson as Olivia Elliot
  • Sasha Compère as Brit Monclair
  • Lily Mae Harrington as Felicia O’Brien
  • Garrick Bernard as James Chambers
  • Ally Sheedy as Carol Fink
  • Ian Gomez as Bob
  • Jojo Brown as Mindy
  • Charlie Hall .as Joel
  • Madison Shepard as Gail
  • Madeline Wise as Stephanie
  • s Tom Simmons as Ronnie
  • Jon Glaser as Nathaniel
  • Cocoa Brown as Doris
  • Tami Sagher as Kate
  • Whitney White as Angeline
  • Lovell Gates as Barbecue party
  • Sabrina Saleha as Mary
  • Cynthia Bailey as Noreen
  • Yassir Lester as. Lucas
  • Mo Gaffney as Val
  • Shondrella Avery .as Annalisa
  • Carl Anthony Payne II as George
  • Scottie Pippen as Scottie Pippen
  • Debo Balogun as Tommy
  • Curt Bonnem as Hot Dog Vendor
  • Mia Matthews as Fatima
  • Martin Davis as Sidney
  • Greyson Chadwick as Cally
  • Cameron Bass as Customer
  • Omer Mughal as Rich
  • Veanna Black as Guest 
  • Wade Frazieras Police Officer
  • Mitchell Hurwitz as David
  • Shakira Ja’nai Paye as Employee on Intercom
  • Derek Evans as Trip
  • David Carzell as. Brian
  • Ebiere Sofiyea as Chantel
  • Jade Fernandez as Chloe
  • Ben Thompson as Peter
  • Aisha Duran as Tina
  • Arthur Ortiz as Engineer
  • Lloyd B Fields .as Roller Land Employee
  • Lily D. Moore as Barista
  • Chloe Keenan as Roller Land DJ
  • Topher Hall as Blake
  • Christian Blaque Meier as Henry
  • Terrence Pulliam .as Zack
  • Cara Reid as Danielle
  • Beliria Sims as Tequila Waitress
  • David Lengel as Marcus
  • Avery Bigelow as Barista
  • Danielle Lyn as Jill
  • Zac Zedalis as Bruce

These age ratings guide consumers, parents, in particular, to help them to decide Which Series is good or not for their kids. and Age ratings are systems used to ensure that entertainment content, such as films, tv shows, and Series, is clearly labeled with a minimum age recommendation based on the content they have.

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